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Dowell Law, P.A. can help you if you are in the U.S. and are afraid to return to your country because of likely persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. As a fundamental matter of human rights, you should not be subjected to cruel or inhumane treatment. Heartland Immigration is committed to helping people in the United States assert their rights so that they are not sent to a country where this might happen. Our asylum lawyers will guide you through the complex process of applying for and gaining asylum status, supporting you at each and every step along the way.

Who can apply for asylum?

You may be eligible to apply for asylum if you:

  • Are in the United States; and
  • Are not subject to one of the bars to a grant of asylum; and
  • Qualify as a refugee who is unable or unwilling to return your country of nationality (or last habitual residence in the case of a person having no nationality), because of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of:

a.  Race;

b.  Religion;

c.  Nationality;

d.  Membership in a particular social group; or

e.  Political opinion

You must establish that one of the five categories listed immediately above was or will be at least one central reason for your persecution or is at least one central reason for why you fear persecution.

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What happens after I am granted asylum?

If you are granted asylum you can begin working immediately in the U.S. You technically do not need any particular authorization, but some find it more convenient to have an employment authorization document. You can also petition, normally within two years of being granted asylum, to bring your spouse and unmarried children who are under age 21 to the United States. Finally, you can apply for a green card one year after being granted asylee status. This will allow you to live and work permanently in the United States.