What would a Donald Trump Presidency Mean for Immigrants?

The recent buzz throughout American politics of late has been the comments and, in general, the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. Mr. Trump has made several controversial comments throughout his campaigning and many immigrants and would-be immigrants have a real concern over what would happen if Trump was elected as the President of the United States.

Like most of you, I’m not really sure what lies ahead. But I think we are a long way away from fearing a radical presidency. First and foremost, Trump is not the Republican nominee for the presidential elections. He is one of about 16 men and women running for that title. We won’t know who the nominee is until next year. That leaves a whole lot of time for the American public to learn about each candidate and determine who their representative should be. Although Trump leads in many polls as the Republican front-runner, there is still a long time to go. It is commonly believed by many that his colorful comments are a short-term boost that won’t keep him on top of the polls for long. For others, they believe that he may just have the boldness and necessary business leadership to lead America in an ever complicated domestic economic mess and growing international problems.

If Trump were to become the Republican nominee he would still have to run against a likely powerful Democrat nominee in November of next year. If elected as President, then that would be the will of the American people. However, I don’t think that would result in the disaster that many immigrants and would-be immigrants fear. There will be no 60-foot wall built along the Mexican border and the immigrant flow would not stop. Life will continue. Though Trump may try to strengthen the border security and limit certain immigrant and nonimmigrant visas, this is not a dictatorship. We have three branches of government and each has some sort of oversight on the others. The legislature is the primary law making body in the United States and the Courts determine if any and all new laws are legal pursuant to our constitution.

In fact, if Trump could strengthen the U.S. economy and secure our border, then there is an argument that legal immigration could increase and deportations could cease. Either way, don’t fear “The Donald”. Immigrants have been an important part of the United States since its inception, and will continue to be for many years to come. The U.S. will always open its arms to immigrants.

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